Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Thanksgiving

I was pelted with snowflakes during today's dog walk, a full two weeks before Thanksgiving. Growing up in Calfornia's Central Valley, I can recall Thanksgiving frost, Thanksgiving rain, even Thanksgiving tule fog, but never Thanksgiving snow. Since relocating to the Midwest some twelve years ago, White Thanksgivings have been something I've become accustomed to though, so much so that I was once inspired to write a completely original song about them...

White Thanksgiving

I'm dreaming of a White Thanksgiving,
Just like the ones we never knew.
Where the turkey shivered,
The cranberry quivered,
And gravy congealed into glue. ♫

♫ I'm dreaming of a White Thanksgiving,
With mittens on so I can't write.
May your furnace not fail to lite,
And your next Thanksgiving be less white.

By T.R. Nunes (c), 2000

Happy Thanksgiving!

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